HAYAHAYA Flow - Flowcharting add-in for Microsoft Excel
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Smart flowcharting with Microsoft Excel
HayaHaya Flow is a flowchart add-in for Microsoft Excel.
By click buttons on the toolbar, two shapes are drawn, and both shapes automatically connected with line.
This function helps user to avoid connect each shapes by manually.
Clarify complicated process with flowchart
Don't handle complicated process as a single process. Almost of them consists of some sub processes. There need to separate and stuff each processess. "SUB" button assist this. By draw each process in other worksheet,user able to concentrate to stuff single sub process. And each worksheet connected by hyperlink, so user can move each worksheet by one click. And that makes it easier to grasp overview.
Advantage of using MS Office's shape
This add-in uses MS Office's shapes to draw flowchart.
User can copy and paste flowchart within MS Office Apps(Word ,Powerpoint etc).
And in most cases, pasted flowchart keepseditability without any other plugin.
Clean install and uninstall
User can install and uninstall HayaHayaFlow cleanly.
It is important especially on workspace or school's PC which restricted to change any Windows registory information.
Hayahayaflow is simple Excel add-in,so it doesn't change any Windows registory information.